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Terms of Service

Terms of Service
FinanceRPG.com does not guarantee all prices are real time. Although we do try as hard as possible to be up to date on all commodities, stocks and currencies sometimes the system can lag or lapse resulting in a expired price.

FinanceRPG.com does not sell your email or any of your information.

FinanceRPG.com will contact you if you win a prize. If we do not hear from you within 1 week of the email then the prize will become invalid. Point prizes will be automatically awarded while cash prizes can be payed out via Paypal, MoneyBookers, Payza, or check.

In the case of a tie the prize amount will be split among all who tied. So if 4 people tied for 1st place in the role playing league then each person would get 250 points (1000 points / 4 winners who tied).

You may have a maximum of 1 account in competitive league.

You can have unlimited accounts in role playing league. Although if you "blow an account up" aka run out of money, and if your account is in the role playing league then there is a reset feature so you can reset to default stats (your pointstore bonuses will still stay!).

You are responsible to check these Terms of Service every 24 hours for changes.